Grass Courts Status

After a very frustrating start to the grass court season, when only one day’s play has been possible, it looks as though there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Right now, having had over 105mm of rain in May, which included 18mm on Sunday and more again on Monday and Tuesday, it looks as though we should be able to get some courts going on Thursday, 27th May, although we can’t at this stage say whether that will be in the morning or afternoon. Naturally this will depend on not having any more significant rainfall.

Now that the clubhouse can be used, the lawn up there is being renovated, reseeded and covered. This will mean that, for a couple of weeks or so, anyone wanting to sit outside will have to give the lawn a wide berth and sit at the tables which have been positioned on the paved areas. This work would have been done earlier but a combination of the cold April weather and Health and Safety restrictions meant that this wasn’t possible.

Our groundsman, Adam Stunt, has made a short video to show some of the work involved in the renovations which take place at the end of every season. Click HERE to watch it. Many thanks to Adam and Freddie Menzies for creating at Rye LTC some of the best grass courts in the country.

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