NoticeBoardRe-Opening of the Tennis Courts

14th May 2020


The three hard courts will be open again from 12 noon on Wednesday 13 May. The grass courts will also be opening before too long, timing dependent on the weather.

Set out below are important guidelines which you will need to follow if you wish to play tennis when the Club re-opens:

🎾  All members of the Club should follow Government guidelines and the new social distancing protocols whilst on the Club’s premises. Links are included below. All members are encouraged to read the full guidance.

🎾  Members should maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters from other members and staff.

🎾  In order to use the Club’s tennis courts, members must first have a court booking on the “Fastcourts” booking system. Booking for the grass courts will be added to the booking system over the next few days. Please do not turn up at the Club unless you have booked.

🎾  Each member should only book one court for an hour per day.

🎾  Members should not arrive at the Club earlier than 15 minutes before their booking is due to start and should leave the Club as promptly as practical once their play has finished.

🎾  In accordance with Government guidelines, please avoid visiting the Club if you have been advised to self-isolate as a vulnerable person or if you, or a member of your household, has a temperature or are exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19.

🎾  Use of the courts is limited to members. No guests are permitted to use the courts until further notice.

🎾  Tennis is limited to games of singles and players can be from different households. The only exception is where all four players are from the same household, in which case doubles is allowed. It follows therefore that coaching is permitted only where a single member books a coach and plays singles with them.

🎾  To help maintain social distancing, members are discouraged from regularly changing ends.

🎾  The Clubhouse and Tennis Pavilion will remain closed. The only access permitted to the Clubhouse is to turn on the floodlights.

🎾  No changing facilities will be accessible. Members should therefore come dressed for tennis or be prepared to change in the car park.

🎾  One outside lavatory will be available for use, when absolutely necessary.

🎾  Members should bring their own tennis balls (and rackets) and take them with them when they leave. This includes those members who have booked coaching.

🎾  Subject to supplies being available, hand sanitisers will be left for general use but members should please also bring their own.

🎾  Members should bring their own supply of drinking water and take all bottles with them when they leave.

🎾  Members are asked to use the cleaning products provided to ensure that net handles and gate handles remain clean. The wearing of disposable gloves is also recommended.

🎾  The nets on the hard courts will be set at playing height and gates to the hard courts should be left open (gates to the grass courts must be closed to avoid animal damage).

🎾  The Club is removing benches and chairs, together with the dragging mats for the artificial clay court. The court will be dragged regularly.

🎾  The Club will post updates to the website on the availability of the grass courts and email all members periodically. The availability of courts will also be apparent from the booking system.

Please note that the Club will issue updates and changes to this guidance as the Government’s and LTA’s advice changes and if, at a practical level, actual use of the courts requires changes to be made. The Club wishes to facilitate the use of the courts in a manner which is safe for all members and staff and relies on all members to follow the guidance, respect the views of other members, and to use their common sense. Please note that the Club is likely to be busiest at times when bookings change over. All members are asked to pay particular attention to social distancing at such times.


LTA GUIDELINES—covid-19.pdf 


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