Club Administration

Club Constitution

Rother Meads Tennis and Games Club is constituted as a non-profit-making limited company. The majority of the shares are held in a trust, whose objectives are (i) to guarantee the long-term future of the Club by putting enough shares under the control of trustees who are bound by the terms of the trust deed to ensure that the Club continues to operate as an independent sports club along the lines laid down in the Memorandum of Association and (ii) to ensure that the Club continues to be run for the benefit of the members. The current Trustees are also Members of the Board. 
The Club is classified as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) by the Inland Revenue.
The day-to-day operation of the Club is in the hands of an Executive Committee, but this has the freedom to act only within the constraints imposed by the Club's financial position.

Club Governance

RMTGC Rules and Byelaws
Privacy Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
Child Policy
Risk Assessment Policy
Accident and Emergency Procedures
Complaints Procedure
Checklist for Events Organisers


Jonathan Jempson (Chairman and Trustee)
Cathy Bingham
Robert Dolman (Trustee)
Michael Gradon
Richard Holt
Charles McDonald 
Freddie Menzies (Trustee)
David Nelson (Treasurer)
Chris Pack
Zoë Richmond-Watson
Christopher Stephenson
Executive Committee
Jonathan Jempson (Chairman)
Cathy Bingham
Peter Gore
Martin Grenfell
Anthony Hill
Richard Holt
Freddie Menzies
Tom Meyer
David Nelson
Chris Pack
Freddie Pack
Zoë Richmond-Watson
Fran Sharp
Christopher Stephenson
Jason Stubbs

Advisory Board

Chris Gorringe (President)
Peter Woodroffe (Vice President)
Jeffrey Eker (Vice President)

Club Officers

Welfare: Georgina Stephenson
Health and Safety: Peter Gore
Fire: Jason Stubbs

Annual Meetings

An Annual Meeting is held in December each year, to which all members are invited. The meeting includes the election of members of the Executive Committee and provides a forum at which members can comment on the management of the Club. All constructive suggestions are welcomed, as the Club relies upon the support of its members for new ideas and for help with their implementation. Click for the Minutes of the 2017 AGM.

Club Affiliations

Rother Meads Tennis and Games Club is affiliated to:
The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA)
Sussex County LTA (Tennis Sussex)
Sussex Playing Fields Association
The Squash Rackets Association
The Croquet Association